Our mission is to solve national security challenges through simultaneous excellence.

    We achieve maximum impact on strategic national security priorities by integrating research and development solutions with operational excellence and community engagement.

    As a federally funded research and development center, Los Alamos National Laboratory aligns our strategic plan with priorities set by the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE NNSA) and key national strategy guidance documents. We execute work across all of DOE’s missions: national security, science, energy, and environmental management. Scientific and engineering capabilities developed through LANL’s stockpile research are part of what makes DOE and NNSA a science, technology, and engineering powerhouse for the nation.

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      The leadership team is fully committed to enabling the Laboratory’s mission while supporting its people and further enhancing the culture.

    • Vision

      Our vision is to be trusted by our nation, emulated by our peers, and respected by the world.

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      We cultivate a culture where how we work is as important as what we do. This evolving, iterative journey includes proactively managing risk, focusing on our work, and relying on continuous learning to strengthen this foundation.

    • Values

      Service | Integrity | Teamwork | Excellence

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